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Services & Fees

All services are provided online via secure, HIPAA compliant video platform at this time. 
Individual Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance/Movement Therapy sessions are tailored to each individual's unique needs and goals. Sessions can include as much or as little movement as you are comfortable with. Sessions may incorporate talking, meditation, writing prompts, and art making in addition to movement.

$165/ 50 minute session (sliding scale rates available upon request)

Please note: I do not accept insurance at this time, but can provide Out of Network invoice. 

Individual Authentic Movement 

Authentic Movement is a movement practice with a mover, or a group of movers, and a witness (I am the witness). The mover's task is to close their eyes and follow their inner impulses through movement.


Authentic Movement is a form movement meditation that assists the mover in making their unconscious thoughts, feelings and desires conscious. It also assists in deepening a connection to your inner self and intuition.

The length of the movement experience can vary, but afterwards, the mover is invited to share with the witness about their movement experience. Then, if the mover wishes, the witness will share their experience of witnessing the mover move.

$75/50 minute session

Wellness Workshops

I facilitate Wellness Workshops throughout the year that are open to everyone. They are a low cost, low commitment way to refuel yourself and give dance/movement therapy a try.  

Clinical Supervision

I provide supervision for DMTs interested in continuing to develop and refine their clinical skills, including those seeking Board Certification with the ADTA.

Individual Supervision - $75/ 50 minute session (sliding scale available)

Group Supervision - $60/ 90 minute session (meets biweekly)

Corporate Well-Being & Team Building Services

Rates vary. Please contact me to discuss your company's specific needs.


All retreats are postponed until further notice due to COVID19.

Authentic Movement

My Approach

I utilize an integrative approach within Dance/Movement Therapy, which means I pull from my knowledge of a variety of theories and lens to ensure you are getting the individualized support you need while exploring all aspects of you and your life and its many intersections. I frequently use humanistic, psychodynamic, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, holistic, and mindfulness based approaches.  I’m sex positive and queer affirming therapist.

I value you as the expert on your life.  In our sessions, I create a safe, judgment free zone for you to explore and understand all parts of yourself. I can help you discover new choices and new ways of being, so that you can flourish in life. I am here to support you on your journey of self discovery and self growth.

I believe our bodies are wise and that we can reach a deeper understanding of ourselves and others through connecting to our bodily experiences in a way that talking alone sometimes just can't do.

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Wellness Workshops
Clinical Supervision
Corporate Well-Being & Team Building
My Approach
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